Tips to organize your basement – and keeping it that way

Since it’s away from high-traffic areas, a well-organized basement is ideal for storing a wide variety of items.

1. Put The Walls to Work

Sturdy shelving placed around the perimeter of your basement helps keep things off the floor, frees up space and makes items easier to access. If the walls are concrete cinderblocks or even stone masonry, freestanding shelving would probably work best. If your basement has interior walls, you could also install wall-mounted options. Just make sure they’ll be able to bear the weight of what you’re stacking onto them.

2. Label Boxes and Bins

Because dampness can be an issue, consider investing in a set of sturdy plastic storage bins. Unlike cardboard boxes, airtight plastic bins form a seal that can shield your stuff from moisture, bugs and rodents. As you pack items into them, label each bin with its contents and the date. This will make it easy to find what you need quickly and remind you of what’s inside so you can reorganize or toss as needed.

3. Group Similar Items Together

Create zones for different purposes, for example have a separate tool/workshop area, a play/recreation area, a laundry area, etc., and use moisture-resistant rugs, and dividers to define each space. Store things you use together close to each other. This will make everything easier to find and less likely to become lost or misplaced.