Avoid Injuries While Moving, Tips from EZ Moving!

1. Physically get ready

No, you won’t have to do push-ups or run laps around the block. This hint encourages you to hire professional movers. Hiring a moving company means that you will have added assistance from professionals, who are experts in organizing, lifting, as well as time management!

2. Use the correct equipment: hen speaking with the moving company, make sure that they will be bringing equipment that will make the move simpler, such as an appliance dolly. Not only should this assist the movers, but the equipment can also save you time, as stuff can be moved at a quicker clip.

3. Do not overpack boxes: Filling every space of your boxes could seem like a great thing, but making them too heavy will make them more difficult to lift, and also places a strain on the legs, arms, as well as back. An injury is unavoidable when you pick up more weight than you should handle. It also makes the task more difficult for everyone who is assisting you to complete the move.

4. Lift with your legs: This is a Moving 101 tip from any professional mover or moving company. ‘Lift with your legs, not with your back’ is a general lifting method and is a fantastic way to sidestep injury to your neck and also spine.

5. Keep all pathways clear! We know that this may seem like something elementary, many people get injured by tripping over smaller things on moving day. 

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