To ensure a smooth winter move, consider these helpful tips for relocating in colder months.

  1. Engage Professional Movers:
    • In chilly climates, entrust your move to professionals to avoid weather-related mishaps. Discuss a backup moving date with the movers in case of unfavorable conditions on your preferred date.
  2. Set Up Utilities in Advance:
    • Ensure your new home is warm and well-lit by setting up electricity, water, and heat before moving in. Contact utility providers three weeks ahead and have services running at least two days before the move. Refer to our guides on transferring and setting up utilities for assistance.
  3. Monitor Weather Forecasts:
    • While predicting winter weather is challenging, stay informed about forecasts for both locations. Use this information to take precautions, such as rescheduling if adverse conditions are anticipated.
  4. Stock Winter Supplies:
    • Keep walkways safe by having salt, sand, and a shovel available at both homes. Consider investing in a snowblower for areas prone to heavy snowfall.
  5. Avoid Moving During Holidays, if Possible:
    • Balancing a move and holiday preparations can be stressful and costly, especially for those who need to travel. Aim to move before the holiday season or wait until the New Year for a smoother transition.

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