4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving in the Fall!

Fall could be a great time to move for several important reasons. For instance, you’ll likely enjoy mild weather. Here are some other reasons why fall is a good time to move:

The weather is better. In CO, you simply can’t beat the incredible weather in September, October, and November. The temperatures are milder than the hot and humid summer months, yet they’re not winter-like and rigid. You won’t be breaking a sweat or freezing, and the roads should be free of snow and ice.

The holiday season is around the corner. If you move in the fall, you can unpack and decorate your new place before the holiday season. What could be cozier and more festive than settling in your new house before the holidays and getting to celebrate?

Fall is a good time to buy and sell a house. Selling? Your house will show well in the fall. With colorful foliage and seasonal decorations, curb appeal will be at its best. Inside, you can up the staging with tasteful seasonal decor. Also, the housing market in most areas of the country slows down from October through the winter months, so it’s likely you’ll also find a better deal on the house you buy, too.

Lastly, EZ Moving loves to move in the fall! We have availability for fall dates and the earlier you book, the greater chance of getting your preferred move date. Call us today, message, or submit online for a free quote!