Updating your address may fall under either the “before” or “after” category on your to-do list, depending on when you gain access to your new residence. Here is a list of 10 places you should make sure to inform about your change of address:

  1. USPS Change-of-Address (considered a crucial step; USPS provides free mail forwarding for one year)
  2. Voter registration (can sometimes be completed through USPS or the DMV)
  3. Medical providers
  4. Educational institutions (such as your children’s school or your university)
  5. Credit card companies and banks
  6. Subscription services (including meal-prep deliveries, prescription deliveries, newspapers, magazines)
  7. Department of Motor Vehicles
  8. Social Security Administration
  9. Employers (especially for W2 forms)
  10. Amazon (or any other store that regularly delivers to you)