Our goal is to make your moving experience with us a positive one! In order to provide the best service to you, we must follow certain policies that are put in place to protect both you and EZ Moving, LLC. Please read the following Terms and Conditions:

EZ Moving, LLC Terms and Conditions
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Estimates: It is very important that you are as accurate as possible when providing information over the phone, email or in-person so that we can also provide an estimate as accurately as we can. All estimates are based on time.
We will charge for the total actual move time. If it takes longer than the estimated time we charge more, if it takes less time we charge less. We have a 2 hour minimum for all services. There are times we are faced with situations that are out of our control that can change the time of your move drastically. Below are some examples:
1. Customers not properly prepared for the move
2. Access to loading and unloading locations
3. Unreserved elevators and/or multiple people using elevators
4. Traffic
5. Weather
6. Long walks within complexes
7. Inaccurate information provided by the client
8. Unsanitary conditions
9. Items not fully packed or sealed in boxes

Payment: We accept cash (4% discount), Check or any major credit cards (4% processing fee) or debit cards (4% processing fee). The Cash discount cannot be applied along with other discounts (ex. Military discounts). It would
have to be one or the other.

Arrival times: EZ Moving, LLC will give you an estimated arrival window. We try our best to arrive within that window but please remember that is an estimated time. Regardless, we will give you a call with notification of ETA.
Please make sure to provide us with a good contact number so that we can get in contact with you.

Cancellation/rescheduling: A 24-hour notice is required in order to avoid a fee.

Additional Charges: There may be additional charges for any additional service. Packing is done on the request of the client, transportation of items not included in the original estimate, extra pick-ups and/or deliveries, or junk removal.
Specialty items: Items that may be subject to a “specialty fee” unless otherwise stated in a written agreement would include: upright pianos, ellipticals, treadmills, riding lawn mowers, safes, gun safes, motorcycles or mopeds,
disassembled pool tables, and more.

Inclement Weather: EZ Moving, LLC reserves the right to postpone, discontinue, or at times reschedule any move due to unsafe working conditions. Additional costs may be incurred due to delays in service caused by inclement weather. In case of rescheduled jobs, EZ Moving will reschedule to the next available date and as time allows. All walkways must be cleared of any snow, ice, mud, and water in order for our crews to perform any service. The crews are able to assist with ice and snow removal at an additional cost.

Valuables: EZ Moving is not liable for any valuables such as jewelry, money, priceless items, medicine, documents, etc. These items should be packed and moved by the client. EZ Moving is not liable for any valuables mentioned above.

Liquids: Can be packed but not transported by EZ Moving, 

Unsanitary items and/or Locations: EZ Moving, LLC holds the right to deny transportation or continued service for items or locations that are deemed unsanitary. Please keep in mind, we service many homes, many
clients and other client’s items are transported in our trucks. It is our duty to keep our trucks as sanitary as possible at all times. Unsanitary items/conditions would be as follows but not limited to:
1. Items with urine or feces
2. items near urine or feces
3. bed bugs or other rodents/bugs on items or near items
4. items covered in excess dirt, dust, or pet hair
Contents of drawers: All drawers from pressed wood or particleboard furniture must be emptied and boxed. 2-drawer file cabinets can remain packed. The doors must be locked to prevent them from opening. Lateral and fireproof cabinets must be completely emptied. All Contents of desk drawers must be emptied. Clothing can remain inside dresser drawers with the exception of fragile and heavy items such as (perfumes, jewelry, books, paper, etc.)

Elevators: We highly recommend reaching out to your building management to have elevators reserved and padded for your move day. This will allow your move to be more efficient and closer to the estimate provided by EZ
Moving, LLC.

Flat Panel TVs & Plasma TVs: Are best moved in their original packaging or an actual TV box. We will not move these items without proper packaging. TVs are susceptible to damage from extreme temperature, slight bumps, or altitude changes.

Capacity of our Trucks: There is never any guarantee that all of your items will fit in one truckload.

Travel Time: Our clock starts when we arrive at your first location and continues until the truck is empty and all items are where the client has indicated at the new location. Travel time is charged at the hourly rate quoted when
locations are 1 hour or more from our lot.
Appliances: They must be disconnected prior to our arrival. EZ Moving LLC will not disconnect or reconnect washers/dryers/refrigerators. If disconnecting appliances is absolutely necessary, EZ Moving will do so at no
liability of appliance or property. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor and correct leaking water lines/valves to prevent damage to property or surroundings. Please note, it is very common for refrigerators and washer/dryer
machine water lines and valves to leak after being turned off/on or moved. We will not replace electrical cords on dryers. Refrigerator doors sometimes need to be removed in order to go through narrow hallways or doorways. EZ
Moving LLC will not remove any doors on refrigerators. If you know this needs to be done in order to remove the refrigerator from its location, please contact an appliance technician to get the task done beforehand. EZ Moving
will not be involved in such tasks. EZ Moving will not be held liable for any internal damage to any electrical equipment. We are also not responsible for any components that were shaken loose during transport or delivery.

Damages: At the beginning of every move, the crew will do a walk-through with you, the client, and advise you of any damage that is present on items being moved. If the client chooses not to have items wrapped or protected, there
will be a release of liability waiver form to sign. At that point, EZ Moving, LLC WILL NOT be held liable/cover/reimburse you for any damages incurred because of refusal to use protective gear on belongings. Our movers will be as careful as possible, but from time-to-time accidents happen. If damage does occur, please notify your movers or the office immediately. No damage claims will be honored unless charges on invoice is paid in full.

Fixed/mobile storage units/rental trucks: We are only responsible for items in our immediate care and control. Once we leave the unit/rental truck we are no longer responsible.
• Factors contributing to this release:
• Size of the unit and physical condition
• availability of supplied furniture blankets by client
• Our absence from the unit as items could have been rearranged, added to or removed from the unit.

Loading units: Once items enter the unit and the doors are closed, our responsibility ends. Please inspect each piece as it enters your unit. Damage that occurs during the loading process must be reported immediately.

Unload Units: As we bring items out of your unit, any damage will be considered preexisting unless it was reported during the loading phase of your services, assuming we performed the service.

Pressed wood/pressboard: Any furniture made out of this material will have little to no value as far as liability to EZ Moving LLC

Released Valuation Coverage: This is a Federally mandated coverage of $0.60 per pound damage payout. This is not value-based and has many exclusions.

What is not covered & why:
• Any items packed by the client and not by EZ Moving LLC. Why: We cannot be sure if the box, crate, bin, etc. was packed correctly. Also, the structure of used boxes, crates, or bins may not be adequate to prevent damage.
• Any furniture items not protected with furniture blankets as requested by the client. Why: Furniture blankets are extremely important in ensuring that your items are packed safely for transport/delivery.
• Items needing special care like glass tops, flat-screen TVs, or high-value items like framed art and mirrors require special packaging. We will not move special care/high-value items without proper packaging or crating. Why: The best example would be flat-screen TVs. The safest way to transport is in a proper TV box or its original box to avoid any damage. Should you require EZ Moving LLC to move such items
without proper packaging, we will do our best to move them as safely as possible but therefore, we will not be held responsible for any kind of damage.
• Pots and plants will not be covered under any circumstance. Why: Every bump on the road could cause a breakage. Should you require EZ Moving LLC to move ceramic, porcelain, clay pots, or materials, we will do so in the safest way possible but we will not be held responsible for any kind of damage.

What is Covered: Although there are many exclusions, we do cover items that we knowingly or without question damage. Released Valuation Coverage is provided on all items dropped or damaged on site while in the possession of EZ Moving LLC, assuming those items do not meet any of the above exclusions.

Release of Liability: There are times when it may not be possible to place certain items where you would like them without possible damage to property, surroundings, or the item itself. If this situation arises, one of our crew members will present you with a release of liability form that will need to be signed indicating that you accept responsibility for any ensuing damages. EZ Moving LLC will not attempt to move items to the desired location until the release of liability form is signed.

Right of refusal: EZ Moving LLC reserves the right not to service you under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive. In the event we choose to exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages.

This contract is binding and is enforceable by law.


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